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Color, Color, Color!: Dru Sefton’s Photography

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Dru Sefton loves bright, bold colors!  She loves to wear them, and she loves to take pictures of them!  A journalist and feature story writer since 1982, Dru knows how to write a good story. But over the years, the writing took second place in her heart, and she decided to explore the world of photography.

I met Dru at her very first exhibition which was held at the ShawaramaKing on Columbia Avenue where her bright and captivating photos will hang in a permanent yet ever-changing exhibition in which she plans to change the photos on display each month.

“I was looking for a place to have my first show, but hadn’t found the right spot.” said Dru.  “Then one day, while out on a walk, I strolled past the ShawaramaKing on Columbia Avenue ( and saw this fantastic long wall with nothing hanging on it.  I went inside and talked to the owners Butros and Asaf Qumseya–they’re from Bethlehem–and asked if they would consider allowing me to display my photos on the wall in their restaurant. Mr. Qumseya told me that he had been approached by several artists about displaying their artwork, but that none of them seemed like the right fit.  He told me that he now knew why he had turned down the others. He said it was because he was waiting for the best! I don’t know if that is me, but I am glad Mr. Qumseya thought so.”

Whether it’s karma or not, Dru’s lively photos are a lively addition to the ShawaramaKing. “I never title my photos,”  Dru says.  “I want people to make their own title and use their imagination.”  It clearly worked, as viewers every day tend to come up with clever titles all their own and trying to guess where the photos were taken. “My favorite photo in this show is the one of the mannequin” Dru says.  “It was taken in Austin, Texas at a costume shop. The shop was closing in five minutes and I ran in and asked if I could take some pictures.  I love the fact that it has two mannequins in it. The ceiling is also fantastic!”

Dru’s photos are fantastic, fun, inventive and whimsical. They are full of color, life and everything that makes you smile.  So take some time to stop by the ShawaramKing on Columbia Avenue in Washington DC, have some authentic Middle Eastern food, meet the wonderful and gracious owners, and catch a glimpse of Dru Sefton’s view of our world as brought to you through her life’s lens!

ShawaramaKing is located at 1654 Columbia Rd. NW, Washington, D.C.

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